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Scotland ? ?
Distillery: ?
Founded: Early 1890's
Owner: United Distillers
Producer: John Haig and Co Ltd. Haig House, Albany Street Edinburgh

More Info:
The Dimple / The Pinch / Haig's Dimple :
It's still bottled by United Distillers (or UDV as they've become known),but they may have dropped the reference to Haig and Haig on the label.Pinch is known as The Dimple everywhere except in USA.

Here's some commercial stuff from United Distillers.:
The story of Pinch, the fourth largest blended Deluxe Scotch whisky in the world,is reflected in the spirit of over 350 years' of whisky distilling and blending experience.When farmer/distiller Robert Haig was summoned before the church elders in 1655 for operatinghis still on the Sabbath (Sunday), this marked the earliest documented reference to a distillerycompany still operating today.
The art and craft of whisky distilling were passed down through generations of the Haig family dynasty,and Robert's descendants operated distilleries in Scotland, England and Ireland. One of them, John Haig,opened a distillery in 1824 at Cameronbridge in the fertile and historical Kingdom of Fife, which liesacross the Firth of Forth from Edinburgh. Around 1870, his son John was the first Haig to use thenewly developed practice of blending. The deep understanding of product and their long traditionof whisky making was realized, to perfection, in the early 1890s with the creation of Pinch.
This deluxe blend of exceptional distinction is found in the world's most exclusive bars andelegant homes, enjoyed by those who appreciate rare quality. Pinch is the perfect internationalcompanion when friends meet in smart surroundings. In recognition of the consistent high qualityof Pinch, the whisky was awarded a gold medal in 1987 in the Deluxe blended whisky category ofthe International Wine and Spirit competition.
Pinch is distinguished even further by its famous triangular, dimpled bottle wrapped in wire net.(The blend is known as The Dimple in markets outside the United States.)
The whisky has been bottled in this attractive container since its creation, with the hand-appliedwire mesh originally designed to prevent the cork from coming out during export shipments throughrough seas. The Pinch 'decanter,' after the precious contents have been enjoyed, has been put todecorative use around the world. To protect its exclusive use, the Pinch bottle was the firstbottle to be patented in the United States, in 1958.
It is a fitting and unique container for a whisky that has no equals.
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